VRX: An Introduction

Welcome to the official blog for the new digital series from Forge House Films: VRX.

This blog was created as a reference for the good folks at PROJECT GREENLIGHT.

Here we will provide additional background materials, such as the series bible, and full treatment, that we couldn’t fit into our pitch video.

Thank you for entering – VRX!


Meet the VRX Creators


Jason lives, and works, in Pomona, Ca. Forge House Films was formed as an outlet to express his adoration for the video game community and obsession with film. He believes in putting everything into his work, often leaving very little time for himself, and it shows.

The quality of his fan-films  garnered the attention of several YOUTUBE creatives who have enlisted him to assist with the VFX and editing for many of their projects.

Above all, his dream is to helm a major feature film.



Dustin has spent his entire life moving between Binghamton and Buffalo, NY, working in various (soul-crushing) call centers. Although his first loves were film and television, he devoted ten years to writing short fiction and over a hundred nerdy articles/reviews for the internet.

Two years ago, he jumped back into screenwriting. Within months he had written a feature film, which later became a short, titled PROCRASTINATORS, that he also starred in, directed, and edited. Even though the short was never publicly screened, it was enough to get the attention of Jason Forge at Forge House Films.

Together they collaborated on the shorts FREDDIE WONG VS. THE AVGN, SAD SATAN: LOST FOOTAGE (both available on YOUTUBE), and the forthcoming 5 NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S: DEAD BY DAWN, and MINECRAFT: HORROR STORY MODE (soon to be available on YOUTUBE).

He finds that filmmaking offers him precious solace from the barrage of ringing phones, and complaining customers, echoing t

VRX: Mini-Bible

VRX is a dark, but funny, love letter to nostalgia. An original science-fiction series set in the late ’90s, centered around one high schooler’s dangerous obsession with a deadly virtual reality game, and his only friend’s conviction to keep him alive.


A serialized web series consisting of five episodes, roughly ten minutes in length. Amounting to a single short film with the potential for sequels and spinoffs.

The ’90s. Why? Because that was a unique time for sci-fi/horror. Mostly due to the fact that there was so little of it. The exception, however, being an abundance of television, movies, and comics dealing with Virtual Reality.

This was a time when we were barreling to the new millenium with uncertainty and fear. No one had any idea what was going to happen technologically. Surely it would be the
downfall of civilation.

This was a decade fixated on the possibility of technology consuming our lives. To a large extent, they were right. Only our virtual reality exists in our pockets, connected to smartphones and tablets. Whereas the ’90s imagined mythical landscaps of microchips and circuit boards. VRX will blend the two. Creating a virtual world reflectingthe special effects of the time (ie:primitive CGI) existing solely in the mind of the main character.

VRX (Virtual Reality X) is a computer game able to grow and change  based on the personal information, and choices, provided by the player. The end result is a world so real the player becomes fully submerged.

KEVIN SLOSS gets his hands on a super rare demo of VRX off
“the net”. He invites Trevor over to check it out. The two of them instantly fall in love with it. The further into the game Kevin gets, the more obsessed Kevin becomes. Until the lines of reality blur…and the
PHANTOM starts to whisper.

When Kevin loses all sense of himself, violently lashing out, ranting about new reality, it’s up to Trevor, and the incredibly smart Jennifer, to learn the secrets of VRX and save his life.

Unfortuantely, his parents make enough money to send him to a good private school, and that’s about it. His gaming addiction can only be fed by renting SNES titles at the video store (when N64 was the big man on campus), visiting arcades, and sleepovers at his rich, but nerdy, best friend’s house. Although any girl would be his at the snap of his fingers, the only one he wants (JENNIFER BREWER) is already taken.

Deep down he still yearns for a genuine friend. Someone who
talks to him like a person. He finds this in Trevor, who
can’t help but see the good in everyone. Besides a love for
games, they have something else in common – an affection for
Jennifer Brewer.

Then he disappeared.

JENNIFER BREWER – The poster child for a ’90s girl next door. Crush of every loser guy, and assumed property of the lugheads she dates. Everyone thinks they know her. All they see is a future super model who couldn’t possibly have brains.

They’re wrong. She wears her beauty to mask the nerd deep inside. Remember, the ’90s weren’t very fun for nerds, and she knows that (even if the current generation has forgotten). She keeps her intelligence at bay for fear of being ostracized. She even dates the biggest douche in school so no one gets close enough to see below the surface.

Until she meets Trevor.

FRANK SHOWERS – Jennifer’s boyfriend. Only one word can describe Frank: Bully. That’s what he does. That’s what he is. Getting in his way will leave you with a permanent dent in your face. Like all bullies, his home life burns at the heart of his teenage rage. Dead father. Mother who lives at the office, instead of home. Frank punches his problems away. This saves him the hassle of having to acknowledge the empty feeling in his gut.

BLAKE FREEMAN – Zeke’s entrepreneurial roommate. Always snooping around his files, looking for something to steal for his father’s company, FREEMAN TECH. After Zeke went missing, Blake sent his father everything on VRX. He was also the first person to die when the demo of the game was released.

THE PHANTOM: A “glitch” in VRX. There are theories as to what The Phantom may be, but nothing substantial.

VRX: Episodes

On the way home from school, Frank picks a fight with Kevin after catching him checking out Jennifer. Before things get ugly, Trevor comes in to save the day. Despite his embarrassment, Kevin invites him over to check out his brand new virtual reality game.

When Kevin doesn’t show up to school the next day, Trevor starts to worry that his friend is still playing the game. A strange visit to his house offers more questions.

Trevor thinks he sees Kevin lurking around the hallways, but never finds him. Jennifer offers to help him with a school project. Frank finds out about this and goes home very unhappy, only to find an unexpected guest.

With Frank now missing, Trevor has no choice but to tell Jennifer about VRX. Kevin returns wearing sunglasses and ranting about “new reality”. When Trevor tries to confront him, Kyle loses it. Jennifer discovers the origin of VRX.

Jennifer and Trevor arrive at Kevin’s house to save him from the grip of the game. In their epic showdown, Kyle reveals his new powers and the identity of THE PHANTOM.